Why This Woman’s Work?

Our vision for women everywhere,

starting with one girl at a time.

We envision a community where women and girls are empowered by access to career opportunities, programs, and long-lasting relationships.

One girl at a time. Wiping one tear at a time. We offer one smile at a time. We help girls change their lives by simply being there and being consistent. We teach our girls the skill sets needed to make educated and empowered decisions.

We teach them to protect themselves, speak up for themselves and others. We teach them to be unafraid, unapologetic, and unashamed. Our girls leave our programming with a boldness to step out into the world and own the life they desire.

Carla’s Closet, IronWomen Mentor (Iron Sharpens Iron), The Sowing Circle and Stepping into Strength (SIS) Mentoring Program are all programs designed to embody strength, empower women and girls, enhance existing talents and enriching the lives of the women our programs touch.

Our values are simple:

change a girl, change a community.

We help our girls identify their gifts, personal goals, and talents by
providing consistent access to mentorship, positive experiences, and resources.

This Woman’s Work teaches women and girls the following:

  • How to make the best choices for THEIR lives.
  • How to connect and build the RIGHT type of relationships that will influence and shape their futures.
  • How to trust their instincts and believe in their ability to govern themselves appropriately through any situation.

Why are we fighting for our girls; your daughters?

0 Homeless Students
Over 8000 students, and counting, in Houston ISD are identified as homeless. This leads to a dramatic rise across every single negative statistic.
0 Sex Trafficking
1 out of 6 runaway girls become victims of sex trafficking, our daughters are worth approximately 9.5 billion in the sex trafficking industry.
0 Suicide
13.4% of girls between the ages of 15-24 commit suicide yearly (as of 2019) in Texas and that number is rising.
0 Disadvantaged
Girls coming from low-income families are much more likely to be unprepared for college whether academically or financially.
0 Truancy
Texas has one of the highest costs of truancy for schools due to bullying. Truancy costs schools up to $1M per year for each % of absences missed.

Simply put,

we believe in you.

We believe there are two steps which are essential for a
woman to build a rewarding career and become self-sufficient.

Step one in a woman’s journey to economic independence is preparing herself to become employable. Our programs promote confidence and professionalism by providing women tools to find employment.

Step two is remaining employed. TWW offers women ongoing support as they successfully transition into the workforce, build thriving careers and prosper in the mainstream workplace.

We are committed to treating women with respect and dignity to help them reach their fullest potential. Our philosophical roots are grounded in the belief women’s psychological and economic well-being positively influences the community as a whole. We recognize women taking responsibility to control their lives and behaviors affects the quality of life in the family, workplace and ripples out into the entire community.

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Our Corporate Partners

Comerica Bank

Comerica Bank will provide training and seminars on youth money management

Greater Houston Black Chamber

Greater Houston Black Chamber will assist with after-school and weekend activities.

Houston Area Urban League

Houston Area Urban League will assist in recruiting mentors and provides facilities for community meetings, activities, fundraising, and transportation.

Houston ISD

Houston Independent School District will provide facilities for recreation, student tutors, access to students, and other technical assistance as needed.

National Black MBA

National Black MBA (NBMBA) will assist with mentor training and other positive youth development activities for mentees.

IronWomen Mentor

IronWomen Mentor will provide mentors and volunteer chaperones for field trips and other school sponsored activities.


OPEN will provide workshops and training on pregnancy prevention, infant mortality and morbidity.

SuperLady Live

SuperLady Live will provide 2 workers to assist with youth development activities, literacy, services learning projects, and office support.


Women and girls live free from gender discrimination and are free to act in their own best interest.


Women and girls deserve to lead full and productive lives through access to education.


Women and girls are able to financially take care of themselves and their family.


Women from varied backgrounds work together to improve the lives of women and girls.