HISD’s Project Prom

Girls should feel just as

pretty as any any one else.

Providing young girls with the ability to feel just as beautiful as anyone else

Since, Carla’s Closet was established in 2013 the program has partnered with HISD Project Prom to provide over 3,500 dresses and our partnership is growing. On average, a family spends approximately $600 per student for prom and therefore, many girls are not able to participate.

We have expanded our partnerships over the past 3 years to include: Congresswoman Shelia Jackson Lee, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, The Links Incorporated (Pearland and Houston Chapters), Iota Lambda, Gite Gallery, Spring ISD, and A-Rocket Moving & Storage.

Helping Women Across The State

Carla’s Closet has provided over 3,500 prom dresses since 2017 in partnership with the HISD Project Prom and Spring ISD. The Closet serves as an emergency responder supporting Strategic Partners in the Greater Houston area to help women and girls in real time with clothing needs for interviews and ongoing work activity.

Lets help our youth,

feel as beautiful as they are.

A shift in confidence can help improve someones entire life

Each organization has been instrumental in helping Carla’s Closet facilitate mini-dress drives yielding 1700 dresses in 2019, alone.

We believe that any girls that wants to attend prom should be able to do so with the same resources as her peers and not feel “less than” for needing support.

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