Stepping Into Strength Mentor Program

We mentor young girls,

to become resilient and fearless.

A national and global mentorship program dedicated to the empowerment of young girls.

Stepping Into Strength (SIS) Mentoring Program established in 2016 is a female mentoring program founded by Michelle Farris and Lane Staffing, CEO and TWW founder Carla Lane.

The program initially rolled out at Madison High School in HISD has expanded to incorporate other school districts such as Spring ISD, Pearland ISD and several others in the Houston and surrounding counties.

Lets Protect Our Youth

SIS and This Woman’s Work (TWW) designed this program to encourage youth to dream beyond their often oppressive conditions of urban life. As an early intervention and prevention service, students from grades 9-12 will be selected for mentoring relationships.

If we help our youth,

we can change our future.

Nurturing relationships that encourage young women to “dare to dream”.

The program focuses on the personal growth of young girls in the community through mentorship.

Mentorship offered by IronWomen offers young girls opportunities to engage with affluent executive level women who teach them decision making skills and life strategies that will empower them to embrace academic excellence, leadership and community engagement.

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Lets keep our youth,

on the track to success.

Lets build confidence, develops skills, and nurture mentoring relationships.

Stepping into Strength (SIS) Mentoring Program has mentored over 100 high school girls in grades 9-12 since its inception. We take approximately 25 girls each calendar year (100+ over the past four years) and are pleased that we have 12 students that are currently enrolled in college programs.

In 2019 100% of our seniors matriculated. We annually host a Teen Summit with an inaugural participation of 150 girls and 40 parents/teachers. The program is designed to develop or enhance topics in the areas of Life Skills, Enrichment, Exposure, Personal Development, College or Post Secondary Decision Making, Health and Wellness, Money and Financial Management, Safety and Bullying, and Self-esteem building.