The Sowing Circle

A community with,

like-minded individuals.

Women come together engaging, inspiring and motivating one another.

The Sowing Circle Book Club was established in 2018 as a partnership with the Houston Public Library with the purpose of providing women and girls who love to read a monthly safe space to gather, build community, and engage in personal development by reading thought provoking literature paramount to personal growth.

The organization was inspired by sewing circles during slavery when women gathered to support one another, raise money for charitable causes, and to advise and guide one another through personal challenges.

Connections Through Reading

This is a time to experience the world through reading and connect with other women monthly to discuss thoughts and ideas behind shared works of fiction, non-fiction and personal development. The program was developed in partnership with the Houston Public Library.

Constant improvement,

With the help of your peers.

Connect with other women through the power of literature

The Sowing Circle has built a community of women dedicated to personal development, reading and supporting each other via sharing life experiences.

The premise is based on the history of African American women sharing information during slavery under the guise of SEWING when it was not permitted.

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