Our Founder, Carla Lane

The Woman Behind It All

Success has had its heartbreaks and challenges.

To know Carla Lane, the wildly successful and determined owner of LaneStaffing. One would believe she has lived a fairy tell life filled with privilege. The exact opposite is true. She has worked hard, endured and been hyper focused on achieving excellence despite her humble beginnings. In 2001, at a pivotal point in her professional career, Carla was faced with a very serious personal challenge that left her wondering “What did I do wrong?”

She was a single mother of a two-year daughter and had no idea about what the next chapter in her life would bring. She left most of her material possessions in the home she shared with her daughter’s father and realized that starting over by herself in a city 240 miles away from her nearest relative posed a frightening reality. Her first thought and immediate solution was to pack up her few belongings and move back home to Dallas. After reaching out to her family for advice and support, she was shocked by their firm yet loving response.

They said “You can come to visit, but you can’t stay. . .

You have to make it…not just for you…but for that baby. She is watching.”

Carla decided then and there to move forward fearlessly and unapologetically in faith and fortitude because she had to press forward to create a legacy of strength for which her daughter could be proud.

Ask this powerhouse of success how she reached the level of being the largest minority woman-owned employment solution in the southwest and she will always cite her core values.

These are the cornerstones of This Woman’s Work (TWW) and all the affiliated organizations supporting the economic independence and emotional well-being of clients. The network offers support, self-esteem counseling, career development tools and employment opportunities to women regardless of race, social or economic background.

Our values are simple:

change a girl, change a community.

We help our girls identify their gifts, personal goals, and talents by
providing consistent access to mentorship, positive experiences, and resources.

This Woman’s Work teaches women and girls the following:

  • How to make the best choices for THEIR lives.
  • How to connect and build the RIGHT type of relationships that will influence and shape their futures.
  • How to trust their instincts and believe in their ability to govern themselves appropriately through any situation.
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